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Clinical & Diagnostic test providers

Hospitals and diagnostic testing providers often face challenge of race against time to deliver the result of the test to the patient and provider. While wet lab operations itself poses a vast amount of challenges, developing a secure, scalable and regulatory compliant genomic data analysis application takes ~2yrs of time with a dedicated team. This also adds up to the cost per sample along with active development of the application to keep it reliable and performant. 

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Pharma & Biotech

Half of the FDA approved therapies in 2018 were targeted therapies, with the number growing every year. NGS (Next generation sequencing) driven clinical trials provides de-risked approach with better optimization in the late stages of clinical trial. However, NGS based clinical brings major challenge of acquiring, storing and analyzing big-genomic data efficiently and quickly to discover biomarkers, drug targets or to repurpose drug/biomarkers. Gene Cloud provides efficient and scalable solution to manage NGS driven clinical trials efficiently and quickly. 

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