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Where others see data
We see answers

At the end of sequencing, there is more than data. Sometime there is doctor waiting for patient's result or sometimes a researcher is looking for answers. No matter what the use case maybe, our mission is make this journey easy for you.

Upload Data

Automated data upload directly from the sequencer

Dedicated data connection for blazing upload speed

Secure browser-based data upload 

Upload data from multiple sequencers remotely

Configure Analysis

Analyze somatic or germline mutation

Whole exome, genome and panel

Custome proprietary pipeline integration

Integration of major clinical databases

Automated variant classification

Schedule analysis for convenience and cost optimization


Automated ACMG guidelines based classification

API based modular integration with LIMS, EMR, EPIC etc.

Visualization tool for easy interpretation

Medical database for literature search

Therapy recommendation based on variant classification

Your Data. Your Insights. Your Story!

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