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Gene Cloud | Genomic Data Analysis | Precision medicine

Precision Medicine to change the world

The vision that unites us all in our relentless journey 


We are a passionate team who are on a mission to expedite Precision Medicine & Drug Discovery. Lowering costs and advancements in sequencing poses new challenges of efficiently storing, analyzing and collaborating on large genomic datasets.


We believe lowering the barrier of entry for Precision Medicine is fundamental to overcome greatest challenges in healthcare. Our mission is to solve these challenges with our platform to provide one stop solution for all genomics research & collaboration. 

Genomics & Precision Medicine

In 2018 half of the FDA approval belonged to targeted therapies. Precision medicine utilizes genetic data along with other clinical data to determine a clear and accurate path for medical treatment. 

Precision medicine eliminates the use of medical treatment which may be ineffective and costly. Bringing individualized treatment increases the treatment outcomes as well as saves essential time to stop disease progression.

The integration of genomic in routine clinical use will increase overtime, with genomics being at the center of healthcare. We are in this journey together to lower the barrier of integration genomic in patient care, drug and biomarker discovery. 

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