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All the features you need to analyze genomic data
Efficiency meets accuracy

Gene Cloud | Genomic Data Analysis | Features

Turn Around Time


Gene Cloud's dashboard provides a central location to visualize and manage all the operations undergoing on the platform. It reduces time to find information to take action


From raw data to report there is no manual intervention required. Analyze multiple datasets in batches altogether to save time or schedule workflow to run analysis while being away from screen.


Track sample information throughout its lifecycle with modular integration to connect to any application such as LIMS, EMR, ERP, EPIC etc. API led connectivity allows enterprises to connect Gene Cloud to other applications. 

One-click analysis

Drastically reduce your analysis time by using 'one-click' workflow. Design your workflows once and run the same workflow with one click. Gene Cloud also allows batch analysis to reduce the iterative task to a minimum level. 


Gene Cloud allows to run 1000s of samples at the same time, it automatically scale-up with increasing demand to ensure analysis are completed on-time and scale down when demand is low to keep cost in check.

ACMG Classification

Automatic classification of variants according to ACMG guidelines is available on Gene Cloud, with an option to override and edit to generate a customized report.


Interpretation of data becomes easy with powerful visualization. Gene Cloud supports visualization tools to quickly and easily find the answers in the data.

Annotation DB

The most popular annotation databases are available to use such as VarSome, ClinVar, CIViC, CGC, Emsembl, HPMO and more.

Clinical Utility


Automatic curation allows the final report to be customized and personalized for each patient. This involves integration of disparate data sources, literature search, therapy recommendation and more.


Gene Cloud executes the toughest security protocol with global recognized security standards. It is built on ISO/IEC 27001 security framework to protect against unauthorized access. 



Compliance is the foundation of Gene Cloud, ensuring right to operate with full confidence. Gene Cloud is compliant with 21CFR Part 11, GDPR,  GxP and HIPAA requirements to make sure mission critical work doesn't stop

Data sovereignty

Gene Cloud is built to comply data sovereignty requirements allowing you to seamlessly collaborate across the globe. Data is always analyzed at source while still complying with data sovereignty laws.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail provides entire visibility on each action performed on the platform to comply with healthcare regulations.  

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