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Gene Cloud- Genomic data analysis

Accelerating R&D with Gene Cloud

Brining a drug to the market is a costly affair with risk at each step. It cost an average of $2Bn to bring a drug to the market which take around 8-10yrs. Biotech & Pharma companies are shifting their approach to R&D by adopting a more translation and precision approach. 

Biotech companies face challenges to combine clinical and genomic data for drug and biomarker discovery, by understanding complex signaling pathway. Gene Cloud is proven to reduce the technological roadblocks faced by researchers by providing an efficient genomics data management system compliant to regulatory standards. Gene Cloud offer scalable, intuitive analysis, visualization tool, data manipulation and challenges of scale and collaboration when working with large complex genomic data.

The Challenge

More data, lack of insight

Genomics alone generates up to 40 billion GB of data each year, but the 'rate of insights generation' is very low compared to rate of data generation.

Longer wait times

Scientist in R&D setting wait 1-4 week to get the results of genomic data analysis, while data is manually processed across multiple teams.

Fragmented legacy systems

Genomic data processing involves 5-25 legacy systems which often requires a team of full-time support engineers to run the analysis. 


Most in-house built software often lacks full compliance to scale viably to different geographical regulatory requirement to collaborate efficiently.

Efficient R&D with Gene Cloud

A true end-to-end solution. Directly from sequencer to report

Gene Cloud enables "Fast R&D" by eliminating the inefficiencies that comes with the usage of legacy systems. From the moment data is generated on sequencers, it directly goes to Gene Cloud, where data undergoes through analysis pipeline, and finally report is generated after variant curation.

Genomic data analysis software

Gene Cloud enables organizations to skip the challenges to develop and maintain multiple software required to analyze NGS data. This allows to remove roadblocks which are often encountered with legacy system or in-house built software.

Faster insights

With one system to run entire genomic data workflow, insights from data are generated at higher speed due to lack complexity of using fragmented systems.

Faster Collaboration

Multiple teams can collaborate and make decision easily and effectively with one platform to connect curators, medical reporters, oncologist and others. 

Launch readiness

Product launch planning efforts can be minimized with Gene Cloud, since only one system validation is required for all your NGS data workflows.

Easy tech transfer

Easily transfer NGS data workflows from R&D to production use with in-built QMS system with few clicks. Gene Cloud keeps tech transfer simple and robust.

While R&D itself is lengthy and complicated, using the right genomic data management tool can reduce the complexity of systems and allows organizations to channel time and resources to discover and innovate. Relying on tools that is built for enterprise user can help R&D team to deal with less productive administrative task. Gene Cloud is proven to  solve these hurdles and enhance the productivityt of R&D operations. 

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