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The shortest path
from Raw data to Answers

The most efficient, easy to use genomic data analysis platform for clinical & research use

Meet Gene Cloud

Any pipeline, Any mutation


Gene Cloud is bioinformatic tool agnostic. Use preloaded tools or bring your proprietary pipeline, there is no limit on finding a mutation

Unparalleled Efficiency


From the sequencer to meaningful insights, Gene Cloud handles all the steps with one click analysis. API based integration gives modular connectivity to any system 

Exceed compliance goals


Compliance is the foundation of Gene Cloud. Exceed all major regulatory and security requirements with peace of mind

Comprehensive Clinical Utility

Answers are few click away with integration of all major clinical databases complimented with ACMG classification

Let's transform genomic innovation, together!

Clinical Testing

Diagnostic Test Providers

Biotech R&D

Translational Genomics

NGS Service Providers

NGS Reagent Manufacturer

Clinical Trials

Accurately run genomic analysis workflows in less than 2 min

Genomage_Gene Cloud

Who we are

Genomage is a health-tech company where we are on mission to accelerate innovation in genomics era.

Our team of scientist, engineers, programmers and bioinformaticians are on this mission to drive the transformation of health care that allows continuous advances in precision medicine.

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