Accelerating Precision Medicine & Drug Discovery

Designed to remove major bottlenecks in genomic research, generating actionable insights & collaborate more efficiently 

Simplifying Complexity in Genomics

Precision Medicine is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. The accuracy and increasing affordability of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has provided a significant step forward in precision medicine. However, massive genomic data generated by these High throughput technologies impose unforeseen challenges for genomic data analytics.



Gene Cloud enables customers to simplify & accelerate the time between data generation to interpretation for modern research & collaboration. It provides a comprehensive solution that addresses all the fundamental challenges of infrastructure, mechanisms for data collection, analysis, storage and sharing.



With our digital solution we believe we can simplify & accelerate genomic innovation.


Multi-Omics Analysis Platform​

  • Zero coding platform with One click analysis workflow

  • Create pipelines or use Pre-built pipelines

  • APIs to Integrate with your choice of LIMS, CRM or other systems

  • Run 1000s of analysis parallelly with vertical & horizontal scalability

  • State of art automation for ultimate work efficiency

  • 20x lower cost powered by AWS

  • Store organize & access your data with ease

  • International collaboration

  • Multidisciplinary research team 

  • Shared GIS enabling research acceleration

  • Accelerating development of genomic medicine

  • Hassle free storing & sharing of Petabytes of data


Across hallway or cross country border


Maintain your right to operate

  • Validated pipelines for reproducible results

  • Secure cloud  

  • Compliant with CFR part 11, HIPAA, GDRA, CLIA, CAP requirements

  • Security, Immutability, audit

  • Meets data sovereignty requirement in 245 countries

Who we are

Genomage is a health-tech company where we are on mission to accelerate innovation in genomics era.

Our team of scientist, engineers, programmers and bioinformaticians are on this mission to drive the transformation of health care that allows continuous advances in precision medicine




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