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Enabling GxP Future
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Our multi cloud genomic data storage platform makes sure the data is absolutely secure and sharing is hassle free without any boundaries. We have built our platform keeping GxP requirements to the core of our product development to meet your regulatory needs.

Immutability. Security. Audit Trail

Genomage's cloud solution involves combination of advanced cryptographic techniques and mathematical models of behavior & decision making. Moreover, immutability guarantees the integrity of data and transaction records. Thus security, Immutability & Audit trail is inherent attribute of our product:

  • Data Integrity & Security: 21 CFR § 11

Enabling Genomic Data Sharing

Reduced cost for DNA sequencing resulted in explosive growth of the genomic data. Consequently resulting in challenges associated with accessing & sharing of the information. Our platform helps you in accelerating your research by addressing all your data storage needs and aids in seamless cross-site collaboration. 


Precision medicine is poised to have a profound impact on patient lives and genome based technologies have significantly contributed to its adoption into clinical medicine. However, to further accelerate these advances, fundamental changes are needed in the IT infrastructure to address the major bottleneck of data acquisition, storage, and sharing. 

At Genomage we have developed state of the art solution to  fully support your evolving genomic data storage needs. Our solution is both compatible with your NGS workflow and economically feasible, while meeting the regulatory compliance requirements. 


We are taking the first steps towards developing a secure ecosystem linking research enterprises, laboratories and clinicians together in new ways and the ultimate transformation of healthcare that allows continuous advances in medicine.


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